Latrotal Tablet (letrozole 2.5 mg)

Latrotal Tablet (letrozole 2.5 mg)

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The provided drug is meant for treatment of several types of breast cancer that include hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer for women patients going through postmenopausal period. This medicine is also prescribed for further emergence of cancer. The production of estreogen natural hormone is responsible for rapid multiplication of cancer affected cells. The provided medicine acts by lowering the acceleration rate of estrogen and retards or delays the spread of breast cancer.

Other Uses: This segment includes application of those medicines that are not covered in the list of authorized labelling, though these drugs are suitable to be suggested by your physician. It is advised to take this medicine in those medical situations that are mentioned in this unit in case it is suggested by your doctor.
This specific medicine is also suitable to be prescribed for treating complications of women reproductive system.