CC Cough Syrup

CC Cough Syrup

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As an suitable antihistamine, the Chlorpheniramine is useful for lowering the efficacy of chemical histamine in human body. The discharge of histamine causes health complications like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and stinging sensation in the body.
The provided maleate syrup is an analgesic medicine that helps to restrain cough. Its mechanism involves influencing the signal receiving functioning of nervous system that stimulates cough.
The offered syrup possesses combined attributes of two medicines for fast and effective treatment of symptoms like sneezing, common cold, runny nose, itching, allergic reactions like cough, flue and watery eyes.
The provided syrup is not suitable for treating cough which is resulted from respiratory complications like asthma, smoking and emphysema.
This syrup can also be utilized for treating other types of health complications that are not included in our pharmaceutical guide.